a few pre-purchase questions

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a few pre-purchase questions

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Hello Fusion maniacs, I am just about to buy a used 8HD but would like to know if the following is possible:
1) lets say I multisample my electric guitar clean into Fusion and make my own program and then would like to add to it external distortion and cabinet simulator rather than the internal Fusion amp/cab sim. Is this possible? In more detail: Lets say I already have some synth tracks recorded in sequencer and I want to record (in sync of course) a audio track of me playing/triggering my dry guitar patch routed to aux 3 and 4 outs, into external amp/cab sims and back to one of the multitrack inputs.
2)I have some AKAI CD-ROM libraries in S1000,3000 and S5000 format. With the Alesis Fusion converter, will I able to convert the AKAI programs with chromatically sampled instruments (each key has its own sample) and with as many as 8 different samples per key (velocity switched) successfully?
3)when making my own multisampled instrument with sampler feature, is it possible to chromatically sample it (again, each key gets its own sample) and make more samples per key (velocity switched)?
Thank you,

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