Questions on creating and editing sample programs

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Questions on creating and editing sample programs

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I'm just starting to look into creating some sample programs on the computer to import into my Fusion.

At the lack of a Fusion sample editing desktop app, my plan is to create them as S5000/6000 AKP programs and import them via Fusion Converter. From what I've seen, this seems to be the common approach. I also have a bunch of S5000 programs which I would like to port over and requies some editing.

Question is... what Win32 app would you recommend to create/edit AKP sample programs?

I have Extreme Sample Converter but it seems limited in what it can do, and I can't work out how to create a new program from scratch with it.

I've got an old S5000 program which is larger than my 64MB default memory in Fusion can hold. I would like to shrink this down a bit, by either dropping some of the velocity layers, or down-sampling the WAV files.

Now it seems that I can drop/delete samples using Extreme Sample Converter.... but I couldn't work out how to change the velocity range for the other remaining samples, so that they would now span the velocity ranges that have had its samples removed. I'm guessing another app is needed for this.

I have also tried simply converting all the WAV files to a lower sample rate. In theory, I thought this should be simple enough. But unfortunately, on playing back the same AKP file using the converted/downsampled WAV files, all the notes are messed up, as if they depended on the WAV filesizes not to have changed, and that the program is hard coded with values based on the existing WAV files. If so, that throws that theory out the window :(

Due to the sample program being too big to fit in the Fusion's memory, it is not an option to load it into the Fusion and edit it on-board.

Anyway, if someone can point me in the right direction for this stuff, that'd be great.
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